Medical Temperature Probes

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Medical temperature probes:
For most medical application, we offer 400 and 700 series specification with accuracy to +/- 0.1°C from 25°C to 45°C per EN 12470. Temperature Range: 0 to 50°C In special requirement, we also can customised your temperature probe specification. For different measuring applications, there are options in skin/surface and esophageal/rectal probe types for adult and pediatric, neonatal.

Compliant with 93/42/EEG Medical Device Directive:
The plastic material meet general medical steam autoclave requirement or even ISO 10993 and FDA USP class VI biocompatibility by your requirement.

Temperature probe plug:
Standard 6.35 mm phone plug, mini-DIN connector, or customised plug by customer s reqirement.

Medical temperature cables and adaptors:

For meeting disposable requirement, we can make compatible or your own design cables and adaptors.

Welcome OEM/ODM your Temp Probes/ Cables and find your solution.