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Nurse call cords / pendants

Offer two types of hand piece for meeting general requirement, overmold and assembly. Ergonomic design for easy to hold. Cables can be customised in general or coiled cable. In switch, there are momentary and locking options.

Nurse call cord plugss and adaptors:
We can offer you standard plug such as 6.35 mm plug, RCA plug, RJ45 or customised plug or adaptors for your system requirement.

Welcome OEM/ODM your Nurse Call Cords and find your solution.

Push Button Pendant with LED
8 pin custom connector and sealed design strain relief
Sealed push button pendant
6.35mm plug and assembled push button pendant
Assembled Dual Push Buttons Pendant
Overmolded Push Button Pendant
Overmolded Push Button Pendant, One Button Pendant
Pillow Speaker & RCA Plug
RJ12 Plug with Coiled Cable