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The medical electrode transfers the energy of ionic currents in the body into electrical currents that can be amplified, studied, and used to help make diagnoses.

Medical electrodes (ECG/EKG/EEG/EMG/TENS/EMS/FES/ESU/AED electrodes)

Medical/skin electrodes are roughly classified 4 types of applications:

  1. Receive the weak energy of currents from the body such as ECG/EKG/EEG/EMG application for diagnosis.
  2. Release the energy of current into the body such as TENS/EMS/FES/AED application for physiotherapies.
  3. Be applied as a circuit of return or ground for the body such as ESU application for surgeries.
  4. Detect the breathing from the inhalation to the exhalation to know breathing or respiration cycle (RC)


To avoid the cross infection, most of medical electrodes tend to disposable instead of reusable.

By home/portable healthcare device demand increasing, some of electrode turns to reusable for single person use.

Medical/skin electrodes can be made by various conductive materials and shape for different applications.

Welcome OEM/ODM/Custom-made your medical electrodes and find your solution.

Disposable EEG cup Ag-AgCl Electrode
Custom TENS Electrode
Conductive Silicone Electrode with 2mm Socket
Conductive Bipolar Silicone Electrodes
Monopolar Silicone Electrodes, Conductive silicone electrode with stud
Conductive Silicone Electrode with Wire