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Invasive blood pressure (IBP) is a method of measuring blood pressure internally by using a sensitive IV catheter inserted into an artery. This provides a more accurate reading of the patent’s current blood pressure. This is usually used where rapid variations of blood pressure are anticipated.

IBP cables/adaptors

For meeting differenct interface of Invasive-Blood Pressure(IBP) transducers and critical care patient monitors, we offer OEM/ODM service for making different combination of interface cable solutions and customised IBP interface/transducer cable for customer to integrate varied patient monitoring system.

Welcome OEM/ODM your IBP Cables and find your solution.

5 Pin Edward Connector to 6 Pin Abbott Socket Adapter
5 Pin PVB Connector and Socket
6 Pin BD Socket Connector
12 pin connector to 6 pin Abbott socket connector
IBP Cable Connectors