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80% people think it is done when they found cable assembly supplier for their new equipment or device. In fact, it is just the beginning! If you are pursuing long-term excellence and operation, please don’t waste time to seek and select cable assembly manufacturer! NVK Tech provides you strong support for cables, connectors, and accessories. Let us be a part of your team!

Excellence - continuous improvement

Many people think cable is out of technology and conservative stuff. Do we need to improve and innovate it? Yes, we do believe cable is part of technology! It involves all technologies such as medical, communication, military, aviation, vehicle and computer science. By observation, you will notice the changes from period of time.

People start to put wireless module in variety of new equipment and device and think it is future. We think that in terms of mobile, SMS, basic communication and end-user network which are acceptable! For the medical, diagnostic, vital signs, critical science measurement, military equipment and communication system, industry server and scientific measurement system, they all need stable and quality signals, waves and numbers for important reference helping in professional judgment and the cable often requires to be fine and sturdy lifespan.

However, we also know it’s difficult to use one solution to satisfy every customer. Due to everyone has different requirements and goals, no matter in design, quality or in cost! That’s why we are here to help you to customize your ideal products with more than one option to find out the suitable composition for you.

In inspection process, making sure the test is 100% complete before delivery is our basic quality policy. In future, we’ll keep moving forward and improve our products continuously for providing better connection to the life, which is our only one purpose.